X2 Club – Lighting Ambience Upgrades

X2 Club – Lighting Ambience Upgrades, with the Major Renovation on X2 Club, the Club is determined to give the latest updates and technology to entertain all their loyal customers. X2 Club is one of the most popular club that has been around for more than 10 Years.
With the determination to give the better ambience to its customers, X2 Club chose the solution from AZTEC Lighting & Effects Systems.

The Systems upgrades uses the following equipments:
- 10 Units x AZTEC Moving Head BEAM Sharpy II
- 3 Units x AZTEC Moving Head ZACK Beam 4 in 1 Lightings Technology
- 2 Units x AZTEC Flame Thrower P-2 Effects
- 2 Units x AZTEC CO-2 Gun Handheld Jet with Backpack
- 2 Units x AZTEC Confetti Blower Machine Systems

With the new upgrades, they have complete package from Lighting Systems, LED Display, and Effects.