X2 Club – LED Display Screen Indoor Upgrades

After 3 Years of Successful Running AZTEC LED Display, X2 Club – LED Display Screen Indoor undergoes enlargement Display Size Upgrades from the Size of 4 x 3 Meter to 6 x 4 Meters. The Owners have been very satisfied with the LED Display Quality and they wanted to add more to create an impresive background and Display Promotional.
The LED Screen is used in multifunctional purposes serves as DJ Background Visual, Promotional Activities, Video Background and many more.

The Display Specifications upgrades involves are as follows :
- AZTEC LED Display Screen Indoor PH-7.62 Size 6 x 4 Meters Display
- AZTEC LED Processor Controller Systems

The Visual result are impressive and with the AZTEC Color Standards the upgrades is perfect without leaving any Color problems.