PT TASPEN installed with TECNARE Sound Systems

PT TASPEN installed with TECNARE Sound with Systems Integrated by Iwan Medan for PT Taspen Indonesia. TECNARE Sound Systems has been a very popular choice for its sound quality and best for value European quality products.

The Board of Directors and Managements are very impressed with the Sound Clarity and Sound Power provided by TECNARE Installation Speakers. They are very surprised with such little systems installed can be enough to cover their whole auditorium area in which the area covered is more than 200 Square Meters .

The compact systems of TECNARE is to replace all existing speakers there where a lot of problems and sound quality issues and now with the quality provided by TECNARE, everyone is very relieved and confident to create events for PT TASPEN.
The Compact Systems installed for PT TASPEN are as follows :

  • 4 Units of TECNARE IBZA 10 Active PCC Loudspeakers Systems
  • 2 Units of TECNARE SW 118 M Active PCC Subwoofer Systems