Professional LED Stage Lighting – CIFOR Auditorium Hall

Professional LED Stage Lighting – CIFOR Auditorium Hall installed with AZTEC LED Stage Lighting Solutions for their Multi-Functional Auditorium Systems. Moving Heads and LED Pars are installed for their multifunctional purpose. The Auditorium will be used to cater all events including : Seminars, Annual Meetings, Bands & Entertainment, Musical Events. The Systems is very compact and easy to use with the Touch Panel Controller by NicolAudie Controller.

The Systems installed are as follows :
- 4 Units AZTEC Moving Head LED K-10 100 Watt LED Profile
- 2 Units AZTEC LED Par 16 x 10 Watt RGBW
- 1 Unit NicolAudie Controller STICK KE-1

The ease of use of the systems made the tehnical parts to be very User Friendly. Without any techinical assistance, the operator still be able to use with just one click at a hand.
Everyone is very happy with the compact and ease of use systems. It has been a worthy investment without having to Rental from outside.