Popular Mansion Club & Lounge – TECNARE Sound Systems

Popular Mansion Club & Lounge – TECNARE Sound Systems trusted with the Sound Systems performance for Club & Lounge from TECNARE Systems manufactured in SPAIN. Now, Popular Mansion is one of the unique concept for club in 2014 located in the heart of Entertainment District CBD in Jakarta, Gatot Subroto.

The systems setup for Professional Sound Systems is used in the Full Band Performance and also DJ Performance with multipurpose and multifuncitonality as follows :
- 6 Units of TECNARE IBZA 10 – FOH TOP 10″ Speakers
- 4 Units of TECNARE SW-218 V – Subwoofer Systems 2 x 18″ Low Frequency Speakers
- 3 Units of TECNARE MA-2400 Power Amplifier for FOH Speakers
- 2 Units of TECNARE MH-4000 Power Amplifier for Subwoofer Speakers
- 4 Units of FANE Systems CM-Pro Active Monitoring Speakers 12″ Driver
- 2 Units of Active Speakers for DJ Performance
- 4 Units of TECNARE IBZA P-204 Outdoor White Performance Speakers
- 1 Sets of Mixers & Processor Speakers
- 2 Sets of AZTEC Wireless Microphone ACT-8098 SETS

The quality of TECNARE Sound Systems from SPAIN is the most impressive speakers capability with the clarity and nice low frequency sound generated from the speakers. The venue is now one of the most popular venues in Jakarta.