Froggy Auditorium Serpong – Stage Lighting Systems Installations

Froggy Auditorium Serpong – Multi-functional Stage Lighting Systems Installations is one of the unique installations where it was build on a Floating Castle. The Unique building that took about 2 Years to complete select the best equipment and professional recommendation by PT. MTJ for their Lighting & Sound Installations.

Multi-functional Lighting Systems are built based on AZTEC-Electroncs Equipment for the Multi-functional Auditorium. It needs to accomodate the professionalism for students and media with performance.

Lighting Systems specifications used are as follows :

  • 8 Units x AZTEC LED PAR 48 RGBW
  • 6 Units x AZTEC LED Moving Head K-10 100 Watt Profile
  • 2 Units x AZTEC Fresnell JD-1 1000 Watt
  • AZTEC Dimmer 5 KVA
  • 1 Units x AZTEC Followspot 1200 W + Stand
  • 2 Units x AZTEC Hazer 747 Machine
  • 1 Units x MARTIN Light-Jockey Controller USB-DMX with PC Systems
  • 4 Units x AZTEC Alumunium Truss Fourangle 300×300 – 2 Mtr Truss

The Systems has been a great satisfaction where we can delivery as designed and proposed. The end result is even better and it has been served for the multi-purposeness .