Exodus Club Lvl. 5 – Kuningan City, Jakarta

Exodus Club located at Level 5, Kuningan City, Jakarta designed with art of the state Clubbing environment on South Jakarta and equipped with the best quality of Lighting Systems by MARTIN Professional combined with LED Display & Sound Systems.
Exodus Club is targetted to high-end market that looking for Pure Entertainment therefore the owner need to make sure the best quality of equipment and envirionment to support the Clubs.

Equipment installed for the EXODUS Club Lvl 5 are as follows :

  • 6 Units of MARTIN MAC 350 Entour
  • 8 Units of MARTIN RUSH Beam MH-3
  • 2 Units of MARTIN Atomic Strobo 3000 with Controller
  • 1 Unit of JEM K-1 Hazer Machine with special Liquid
  • 8 Mtr of Alumunium Truss Rigging 220 x 220

It has been a very successful outcome and Exodus is now one of the best Club in South Jakarta, Indonesia.