Chevron Chose AZTEC LED Display Outdoor for Outdoor Display Solutions

Chevron purchased AZTEC LED Display Outdoor to be located on the DURI Camp.With a thorough selection process, Chevron decided to purchase LED Display Solution by AZTEC supplied under PT. Monalisa Tunggal Jaya (MTJ).The installations undergoes many procedure with safety process and installation went very well with a long distance Fiber Optical Installation Process.

The Systems installed are as follows :
- 3 Sets of AZTEC LED Display PH-10 Outdoor with Display Size of 3 x 2 Mtr Display
- 3 Sets of AZTEC LED CAT – FIBER Optical Converter Display
- 3 Sets of AZTEC LED Video Display Processor

Chevron Managements is very happy with the installations and they can use the display for many reasons including giving informational video and display for their audiences.