AGENDAZ Club Bali – Lighting & LED Display Screen

AGENDAZ Club Bali – Lighting & LED Display Screen previously known as OPERA Beach Club / HAZE Beach Club chose products from PT. Monalisa Tunggal Jaya (PT MTJ) for their professional Stage Lighting & LED Display Equipments.

Lighting products installed are as follows:
- 15 Units x AZTEC Moving Head Beam 230 Sharpy II
- 4 Units x AZTEC 4-Head Moving Head LED Beam Lights
- 4 Units x MARTIN Atomic Strobo 3000 DMX
- 10 Units x AZTEC LED PAR 48 RGBW
- 16 Units x AZTEC LED Wall Washer Blinder RGB
- 1 Unit x NICOLAUDIE STICK GU-2 Controller
- 2 Units x AZTEC City Moving Sky-Tracker 4000 Watt CMY
- 2 Units x JEM K-1 Hazer with Liquid
- 8 Units x AZTEC LED Moving Head K-10 (100W LED Profile Moving Head)
- 8 Units x AZTEC LED Moving Head ZACK BEAM 4 in 1 Lighting 280W Hybrid
- 1 Sets x AZTEC Alumunium Rigging Systems
- 1 Sets x AZTEC Mirror Ball for Decorations
- 2 Units x AZTEC RGB PRO 3 Watt Laser GREEN
- Sets of Confetti Fluster Machine & Bubble Machine & Fire Spray & Foam Machine and CO-2 Effects
- 1 Sets x MARTIN M2Go Lighting Console Controller

Lighting Architectural Ambiance installed using:
- AZTEC Seating Fire Effects
- 38 Units x AZTEC LED Color Beacon Wall Washer RGB

with LED Display Screen Systems Installed with P-7.62 Full Color RGB Display with Total Size of: 20 Mtr Square